Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Greetings and Welcome to ICR!

International Contracts Registry (ICR). 
The ICR group are long time students of including but not limited to:   Mastery in Commerce, 
Winston Shrout, 
Order of Merchants,
Global Trust Education Network and others...   

Currently ICR serves as a forum for Online Public Notices
and a Contract Registry.

Additionally our private team are available to assist you with the following:

Debt Disappearance
Responding to Debt Collectors
Private Administrative Process
Witness/Presenters/Mail Acceptors
Assistance with Notices, Contracts, and Affidavits
Commercial Liens and UCC Filings
Private Coaching / Mentoring
and much more...

We are now offering a 15 minute meet and greet call. 
To schedule your call, please email us with your request for the specific Agent you are working with if any. 

For 1 hour coaching you may donate $100.00 below

For 1/2 hour coaching you may donate $50.00 below

Please email us at for more information and to schedule a private call.

All money is redeemed in lawful-money only.