Thursday, January 1, 2015


Welcome to the International Contracts Registry (ICR). The ICR group are long time students of including but not limited to:
Mastery in Commerce
Winston Shrout
Global Trust Education Network
Order of Merchants
and others...

We at ICR specialize in privately contracting, creating security agreements under due process of law, disappearing debt(s), creating verified records, and providing  folks with competent witnesses and presenters for the establishing of your verified record, and much more.

Additionally, the ICR acts as an online World Wide Web forum for giving Public Notice. "Giving notice" to parties you are contracting with is paramount to your success. Once a Public Notice is posted through the ICR Registry it remains online and your Public Notice can be accessed world wide.

It is our desire that you succeed in establishing your contracts properly, that you succeed in creating a verified record and that you succeed in enforcing your contracts whenever necessary. Regardless of the particulars of your situation, there are certain things you MUST do to be successful. We at ICR want to make sure you put in all the proper elements to achieve your goal. We have extensive training and extensive first hand experience in the areas we specialize in. Contact us for assistance, let us walk with you and talk you through your process(es). Or, you may opt to privately contract with us to handle your entire private administrative process(es) for you.

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